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HTML & CSS & Flash Animated Website Templates compatible with Dreamweaver – can easily be edited and customized with Adobe Dreamweaver┬«

HTML website templates are for everyone; they are the easiest premade designs to use for creating a personalized website that retains a very professional design. It is similar to a form letter where all you need to do is replace critical words with your own.

It has generic information in place and you just substitute your own personal, business, organization, or product information. You can also replace the imagery with your own uploads. When finished, you have an excellent website that looks professionally designed but that is very affordable.

It is not necessary that you know HTML code, but like with many things, a little knowledge of HTML can go a long way to be helpful. Our Dreamweaver HTML layouts can easily be edited and customized with Adobe Dreamweaver® (one of the most advanced HTML editors available).

Please note, that we do not complete our templates with .dwt files. However, we guarantee that our HTML website templates will work properly with Dreamweaver as well as many other HTML editing software programs.

Most of our HTML premade designs are full site templates but some have only two pages, the main index page and a content sub page that can be used for all the rest of your web pages. HTML templates are recommended for those who want an affordable template selection that is extremely easy to use. You can get your website loaded up and ready for action almost immediately!